2n3055 flyback driver

While scavenging parts from an old PCB I found some 2n3055 Transistors. Recently I read about crt transformers and driver types so I decided to build a prototype. After searching big resistors in my box of clutter and winding coils around the CRT I was completely euphoric because it created sparks of 2 centimeters 😀

After I successfully fried a transistor I mounted a bigger heat sink and even two CPU fans to cool this hotplate.
But nevertheless it heated up to 80° Celsius which seemed not very healthy to me, so I threw the crappy build into the box of clutter and googled how to build a 555 driver circuit.

NE555 driver circuit

This is the best instruction I found boginjr.com
The circuit is easy to build and the components are quite inexpensive so I gave it a try. And the results were sick! As you can read on Jozef’s website:

“When you switch it on, all hell breaks loose. High-pitched whine, strong hiss and vast amounts of ozone are produced, high voltage wires are moving on their own, nasty static charges build up on everything conductive, strong ionic wind and corona discharge are felt even 0.5m far from the anode wire”

And yes this Monster in your room is totally worth it!



ZVS driver circuit

To round this project up I also built a ZVS circuit. It is a very simple circuit that can oscillate a large amount of power with about 90% efficiency.
This page describes the functionality of the circuit and shows you how to build it.


Working with high voltage is dangerous!
All information found on this site is for educational purpose and I accept no responsibility for the possible damage it causes.

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