Is the iPhone X waterproof?

No! They claim it is IP67 so it should be dust- and waterproof up to 1,5 meters for 30 Minutes. And thats why we dont have a heaphone jack – for waterproofness. I trusted this rating and held my phone under water. Approximately 20 cm into a clear sweet water river for a total of ~2 Minutes.

After that the iPhone bootlooped and I (kernel)paniced 😅😂

Suprisingly, after shutting it down (hard reset) and waiting for 20 Minutes it booted again. But FaceID broke. Turns out that the infared dot projector died. And guess what: You can‘t fix it on your own. You could replace the whole front sensor assembly but the SEP(Secure Enclave Processor) would say NOPE and FaceID and probably Apple Pay wont work anymore. Here one might argue between Security and Right to repair…

After researching this problem i found that dozens of people have the same problem.

There is even a lawsuit agains them

Hope you learn from my mistakes

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